Saturday, February 21, 2015

Two years later & I return..

So much has happened in 2yrs. My newest shunt is now 5yrs old. We have moved back to Indiana from Florida due to medical reasons. I am back to square one trying to relocate my dad etc... One thing is for sure everything happens for a reason. It brings me back to a familiar theme in my posts, Family. You can be as rich as Bill Gates or as poor as a church mouse, without the love of God & family, you are broke & broken. Growing up, I never had a sense of belonging. I was always different, both physically (due to my Hydrocephalus a.k.a. "Water on the Brain") & emotionally.  It seemed the only thing I could relate to was animals. For the most part, this is still true. I have discovered through the years that having a love & appreciation for animals seems to be a family trait as well. A gift passed down from both sides of the family. This coupled with a few other realizations have strengthened my resolve to fight for both. Without the unconditional love & support of my family & the animals, I'd be dead. Allow me to explain, as I have said, I have a physical disability. I also have a stubborn streak. I only go to the Dr. when absolutely necessary. Animals are very intuitive, they can sense when something is not right with their human. In 2010, I underwent my 4th/5th brain surgery, after the spinal fluid leaked throughout my body almost costing me my life. At the time when I entered the emergency room the Cerebral Spinal Fluid had began leaking into the areas around my heart. They had found a 5mm gap in my shunt tubing. My animals knew something was wrong with me long before I did. My animals, much like my human family have been there for me every step of the way. Now, I am focused on holistic medicine, both for my pets & myself. I have come to finally comprehend that a lifetime of prevention is better than spending years hoping for a cure. I encourage everyone to do their research, the quest for knowledge & self improvement should never end. I do plan on blogging more often, it keeps my mind free & active ..

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