Friday, March 6, 2015

Know your neighbors & watch your back.

You have no idea how bad I want to fortify this house. A six foot, (at least), electrified fence would be a good start.. Sadly, the law does not allow this. When we first moved back to Indiana, I felt fairly secure. In my mind I was thinking a fresh start in a new neighborhood, which included three houses, (including ours) & a health clinic, how bad could it be? Well, let's just say I had NO idea.. Between the drug house on the corner & a child molester just around the corner, I have not felt very safe. Since then, both situations have been rectified, but I still feel uneasy.. I keep reminding myself of what I said when we first moved back, "Terre Haute is not as bad as Bayou George (near Panama City)." However, that is of little comfort when this crap is taking place a little too close to home. I am writing this to hopefully get it out of my mind.

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